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CELEBRITY NEWS: Serena Williams Reveals Diamond Engagement Ring

Serena Williams had some fun revealing an engagement band holding a corn tortilla on her Instagram account earlier this week for all the thirsty people asking about
the hardware.

But be clear — her engagement ring is a massive rock, befitting of a tennis queen.
Serena posted a picture of herself and her fiance, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanion, yesterday on IG, as confirmed by TMZ Sports
The pic reveals the beautiful diamond ring, which is flat out the Grand Slam of a diamond ring that we have ever seen.
Take a look.
Although TMZ Sports and other media outlets preserved the photo, Serena quickly covered the diamond rock with that corn tortilla this morning, keeping her joke going.

Nice one, Serena. But you know damn well that nobody is paying attention to your sneakers!
Ohanion did her justice with that engagement ring — as he should've.
Happy couple!

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