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Photos of a teen who wore the same dress her mum wore to prom 22 years ago goes viral

Photos of a teen girl who wore a dress her mum wore to prom 22 years ago has gone viral, since she shared the photos on her twitter page. High school senior Ally Johnson wore the same dress her mum
, Lori Johnson, wore to her own to her senior prom in 1995. 

After Ally shared the photos on April 23rd, she got offers from a lot of network and news publications to be interviewed and for the photos to be used. Requests which she granted. Huff post interviewed her on May 4th and shared her story.

Ally told HuffPost the dress needed no alterations before the big night.
“It is very stretchy, which made it fit perfectly,” she said. “I was surprised because my mom had a very different build than I did when she was in high school.”
Lori had suggested her dress to her daughter for past proms, but Ally was never interested in the idea. That changed this year when she ordered a dress online and didn’t like it after trying it on at her grandmother’s house. She then asked her grandmother, who had been holding on to Lori’s dress, if she could find it for her.
“I dug the dress out and tried it on, and I loved it instantly,” Ally said.
Ally has decided to keep the dress so that if she has a daughter, she would offer it to her as well.
“I feel like I started a tradition”. “I’m going to hold onto this dress and hopefully my daughter will be willing to wear it to her senior prom.”

Source: Linda Ikeji Blog 

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