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CAC Class Of 1997 Reunion; A Gathering Of Kings And Queens, Moving forward. Part 1

Above picture is Emmanuel Ominiyi, Tindel Ogbuoka, Lydia Sunday (Head girl) and Ganiyu Salami (Assistant Head Boy)

Its been 20 years since these great men and women left Christ Ambassadors College Kaduna. Now, by the grace of God, few hours ago, had the first part of what will remain one of the most memorable reunion ever. I experienced first hand today how it feels when you see boys and girls you left so many years ago only to come back and meet them as great Men and Women. It was electric, beyond ecstasy..... And far beyond 0rgasm! What could be sweeter than this?

This is the opening event of a two days power packed programme which took place on the 1st of September 2017 at the exclusive lounge of Top Galaxy Hotel Sabon Tasha Kaduna.

 It was like seeing yourself in another world, the smile on everyone's face is beyond what the modern day English dictionary can describe. Pleasantries upon pleasantries were exchanged. Hugs, screams, excitements, joy upon joy filled and echoed in the whole atmosphere, it was like it should never end.
The event continues tomorrow.......

The above picture shows Eleojo Joy Abdulahi with Abeola Adeyemi in an elated mood, while Hajara is right behind them

The above picture is an overview, with Tindel Ogbuoka. Behind him are Florence, Hajara, Jamilat,.... , ......, Vivian Ikenga, Rex Charles, ....., Kahinde Mandela, ? Mildred

Above picture, Shedrack Egah exchanging pleasantries with Uchenna Nwawulu

Abobe, Madam Hajara and Kehinde flexing

Above picture, Is Michael akogwu and Esther Udeh

Above is Dr Timothy Igoh, Mr Choppinhson international

Above is Florence and Mildred

Above is Yakashim taking a snapshot

Above is Arome John and Kolade Ayodele making life comfortable for themselves

Above picture, Amazing Grace with Kahinde Mandela, Amazing Gift with her daddy Ganiyu Salami, and Tindel Ogbuoka all in the elevated spirit of the reunion

Eleojo Joy, Joke Ojo, Abiola Adeyemi, Pastor Toyin,Ganiyu Salami, Michael Akogwu, Vivian Ikenga and Tindel Ogbuoka

Above is Timothy Igoh and Joke Ojo. The mood is beyond description 

Above is Rex Charles, Arome John, Shedrack Ega

Above are Abiola Adeyemi, Eleojo Joy, Joke Ojo and Pastor Toyin

Above picture is Abdulahi(AKA Family Man) with Kolade

Above is Kunle Solomon

Above is Timothy Adams, Segun Johnson, Imoh Ekop, and......

Above is Our Head girl, Lydia Sunday with Joke Ojo

Above is Ann .....

Above is Florence and Pastor Toyin

Above is Emmanuel Ominiyi..... The smile smile guy

Tindel with Rex charles

The above picture is the ever pretty Vivian Ikenja with Michael Akogwu and Kehinde

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  1. This is lovely. Funny enough, '97 was the year I got into secondary school and Christ Ambassadors college was just the name of the school

    1. So you also attended Christ Ambassadors college Kaduna. That is good to know shaa. Your blog is nice, but need some more work. Mine is not perfect too, it still need some adjustment


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